The closing was made yesterday at Peter R. Abesada office, the closing was very smooth, Maria had everything ready and made me feel really comfortable.


Dear Peter,
Thanks a lot for assisting me in the matter with the Forest Hills properties... before I meet you I spoke to several lawyers and none of them gave me enough confidence to fight this problem, since the first day, I felt a lot more secure...


Dear Mr. Abesada,
The ruling from the Arbitration Panel was in our favor. We could not have won without your expert help and knowledge of the law.

After your professional presentation the hearing panel disregarded the testimony of the other attorney and referred to you through the balance of the hearing as the expert on real estate matters.


Peter - my new friend and lawyer who gives me the confidence and strength to face the things life brings. Thank you.


Peter ... believe me , we consider you and Maria not only friends but very good friends. Thank you both for being an important part in our professional, social and personal life. We love you.