Areas of Practice

Real Estate - Real Estate transactions are one of the most important and often the largest transaction for many individuals.

Our firm represents individuals, families and businesses in all types of real estate transactions.  We help clients buy, sell or lease residential and commercial real estate.  We also provide assistance with contracts, title work and closings.

Foreclosure Defense - A portion of the firm’s legal work involves assisting property owners who are facing foreclosure or who have been threatened with foreclosure by their lender. We offer our clients possible alternatives to foreclosure, and help them find a possible resolution. Among various solutions, we provide:

  • Foreclosure Defense – Defending the foreclosure case filed against you.
  • Loan Modification – helping property owners re-negotiate terms with their lender.  This alternative can often lower monthly payments and may result in saving thousands of dollars over the length of the mortgage.
  • Short Sale – this involves helping a client sell their property for less than what is still owed.  In some cases, the lender may agree to the lower payoff amount or the property owner may have to negotiate a settlement to satisfy the original mortgage.
  • Deed In Lieu – the property owner agrees to sign over the deed to the property to the lender.  In exchange, the lender agrees to cancel foreclosure.

Evictions - A tenant who has fallen behind on his/her monthly rent payments will cost the owner thousands of dollars in forfeited rent. We help landlords with the eviction process so they regain access to their property as swiftly as the law allows. We may also be able to recuperate some of the unpaid rent.

Wills & Trusts - When someone dies without legal arrangements for the disposition of his/her property the estate will pass under the intestacy laws. This may not always conform with the decedent's wishes. Make sure your property passes according to your wishes by way of a clearly drafted will or trust. You also have a right to choose your care-taker in case of incapacity. Contact us to make sure you are in control of your property and your health arrangements.

Probate - The death of a loved one is a traumatic event. We help heirs with the process of obtaining rightful ownership of the decedent's estate with the help of the court.

Guardianship - A minor or a mentally disabled adult cannot handle his/her own financial and legal affairs. A family member or trusted friend can handle transactions such as the sale of real estate or paying expenses by way of a guardianship under court supervision. Let us help you with this delicate task.

Commercial and Business Litigation - Litigation is often expensive and stressful. Our firm uses a practical and resonable aproach to help the client reach the desired goal in the shortest and less expensive way.

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