Frequently Asked Questions

Q. - What happens to my property if I do not leave a will?

A. - The goverment through the intestacy statutes will decide who inherits your estate. These individuals may not necessarily be who you had in mind.

Q. - Does the way I take title of my real estate property determines who gets it after I die?

A. - Yes. Wether you take title as a tenant in common, joint tenant with right of survivorship or as trustee, will have serious repercussions on who inherits your real property after your death.

Q. - Should I start my new business as a sole practicioner, Limited Liability Company or as corporation?

A. - Each business is different and so are its owners. The legal structure you decide for your business will determine the degree of personal liability, and will ease its dissolution in the event the business fails.

Q.- If I fall behind in my mortgage payments , will I lose my home?

A- Not necessarily. There are many alternatives available to work with your lender in order to stay in your home.

Q.- Will my children forfeit their right to my estate if I remarry?

A.- No. There are many legal alternatives such as a trust or an enhanced life estate deed available to safeguard the future rights of your children.

Q.- If my home is titled only under my spouse's name, will I lose my rights in the home if he or she dies?

A. - No. Florida law protects widowed spouses allowing them to reside in their home for the rest of their natural life or receive a portion of the proceeds from its sale.